30 or 60 Days – You decide!

30 or 60 days…

You decide, basted on how much time you want to dedicate to becoming the professional, GO-TO-Expert in your industry.

I’ll show you how to do it, you decide how fast.

I’m so excited by the number of people who have already purchased the Go-To-Expert -BLUEPRINT- that I posted a few days back, that I wanted to get more information out and invite more people to step up and join the program.

It works. We have the success market to prove it, and here you are looking at the package right here on the blog.

Lives are changed by this program.

But, I’ll tell ya, if you never take action. If you sit back and think about it, without doing anything to make the difference, your life won’t be one of the changed lives resulting from this program.

I’m going to take a moment and encourage you to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and buy this program at the end of the blog post.

You don’t have to. I’m going to show you enough right here in the post that you can probably guess your way through it and six months or so down the road, with some trial and error, you’ll be able to kill it on your own. You’ll have it done. You’ll have broken the code, learned the secret and you’l have the change you desire… But it doesn’t have to take that long.

I encourage you today, to decide on your next big project and start RIGHT NOW to put your plan in action and do Step #1.

Once you’ve taken that first step and started in sequentially to do the steps that follow all that’s left is to:


You’re going to be so amazed at the results when you really dedicate the first hour of your day to what I’m presenting here. TOTALLY amazed!

Here are the steps from 1 – 20 for the next 30 days.

How to Create a Capstone Project in 30 Days

Step #1 – Define Capstone Project

1 – design your product matrix (I recommend a 7 X 7)

2 – write your thesis statement

3 – determine length and scale of project

4 – write a detailed outline with 7 parts

5 – write a stand alone salesletter that will market your project


Step #2 – Organize Product Design & Delivery

(This is where you decide if your product is video or written.)

1 – Generate the overall format of your project

2 – Decide how to create your project.

3 – Determine length of project (expected word count)

4 – Define each segment (time/words/outline)

5 – Create marketing emails for sales campaign (5 – 10)

Step #3 – Start Developing Project 

1 – Using outlines, write each article – minimum of 3 – 5 per day

2 – Create one video per day – 1 – 5 minutes minimum

3 – Upload blog posts each day – portion of articles (1 – 3)

4 – Load marketing materials – portion of articles to marketing sites (3 per day)

5 – Load video to youtube.com each day

6 – Complete one of the initial 7 matrix, each day of this week.

7 – Combine all project productions into a stand alone feature product.

This project will take approximately 20 – 30 hours to complete, as a beginner if you know your topic well. Don’t plan to do your first project on a product you don’t know well.

You may think you don’t know anything well enough to write this project or record it, but I promise you – you do. You know some topic so well that you can do this project, you just have to decide what it is you know.

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