Mahogany – my morning brew

Who knew a cup of coffee in front of my computer screen could be advertizing?

Morning MahoganyMy cup of coffee often makes Facebook, as I comment on what brand I’m drinking, or offer up morning Java Notes, as a means of communicating with my readers. More often than not, I’m sitting in front of my computer writing and whatever I’m writing is what shows up behind my coffee mug.

Today, earlier this morning, it was Make Your First Million Online on the screen. More people commented on the site than on my cup of coffee this time…

It happens occasionally, I make a post and set it on the screen, it bears more than a bit of controversy, or it’s something that many can identify with… And the result of my ‘coffee post’ is a new reader or two, or maybe three. Good results for a coffee break.

And better yet… Good results for those who read.

I love the glow that comes from over-the-edge marketing. The extended page ops may or may not be intentional (I admit to doing it on purpose at times – because I often post on my Java with Jan page and get the whole picture in the screen), but the results are always phenomenal.

So what marketing do you do online that GRABS you instant results and gets attention for your business, either passive marketing or aggressive marketing?

Share it in the comments.

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