Make Money Online – What Can You Do?

Finding your strengths can be as easy as looking at your resume. What do you do? What skills do you possess that could be making you a living online?

The available options have no limit.

When my 17 year old son started looking for a job, he needed something that paid more than minimum wage, because he had bills to pay. Part time, minimum wage doesn’t offer a whole lot and he had plenty of skills.

It didn’t take long for him to find a part time job working as a paid intern for a local online marketing guru who paid him to do basic posting and writing for a few of his ‘niche’ websites. He spent two to three hours a day working for this guy, at more than minimum wage, using skills he’d been using for the past five years writing his own blog and posting on social media.

Twitter much?

You’ve got skills you can use. Tweeting ads and marketing concepts to social media is a marketable skill. You can market other businesses, or market your self there. You have options.

Facebook a list of friends?

You have marketable skills. Facebook is a massive marketing platform used by many businesses, locally and nation wide. Some businesses use Facebook as their international market media. You can too.


Social media offers a whole spectrum of options for the local small town business owner who needs to market on a larger scale. You have access, you have options.

Social Media Marketing Rocksyou have options – are you ready to apply those options and make your business successful?